Understand how to protect your business from today’s threats using the built-in tools of Microsoft Office 365

The cloud has turned the world of security upside down. It’s not sufficient to setup a firewall and install anti-virus anymore. Your data is in the cloud, and probably in multiple clouds. Staff accesses it from various devices used in various locations. Security has to travel along from cloud to cloud, from application to application and from device to device.

To focus on working securely is critical for the safety of your data and even the continuity of your business. We’ll tell you what the biggest threats are and how to avoid them. Ultimately the only thing that a business owns is its intellectual property. We’ll show you where the threats are coming from and some ways that Microsoft Office 365 and help you protect your business. We’ll explain it all in lay person terms.


  • What are the biggest threats to my business?
  • How do Facebook ads know you just ordered cat food from Amazon?
  • Why Anti-Virus doesn’t protect you anymore
  • Passwords are going away. Here’s what next and why
  • Security is dependent on your staff understanding how to protect your data

These topics are best attended by business owners, compliance officers and anyone interested in keeping their data from leaking out or being stolen.