Mobility isn’t just about tablets. It’s about everything.

What happens to your data after an employee loads it into their personal Dropbox or Google drive, iCloud or OneDrive? What happens to your data after they open on their phone? Did you know that Windows 10 is considered a mobile platform and Microsoft expects it to secured as such?

Protecting data where ever it goes on which ever device whether personally owned or corporate owned is a critical topic to understand. Our data is not longer stationary sitting on a server in a nice neat top down structure. It’s spread across clouds and access from various devices, probably many that you don’t even know about.

You can’t afford to ignore mobile management. Microsoft Office 365 has the tools available to make sure no matter where you data goes that it is still owned by you and protected.


  • What does it mean that everything is mobile now, even Windows?
  • Can I really say how my data can be used on a device my company doesn’t own?
  • See just how much information is known about where you data is and who is doing what with it.

These topics are best attended by business owners, compliance officers and anyone interested in keeping their data from leaking out or being stolen.

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